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Phone number: 02034554861

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Phone number security level
Average rating (1-10) 3
Number of comments 19
First date of search 2018-05-04 14:16:38
Last search 2020-07-03 12:57:06
Number of searches 534
Number of reviews 19
Country United Kingdom
Country code +44 (0044)
City London
Directional local 20 (020)
Code 4420 (004420)
Longitude | Latitude 51.5008116 | -0.1208012
City population 8567000
Remarks Warning, this number can be dangerous.

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My American Cousin Billy desperately wanting to get in the house as he needs to shit - turtling and everything!Gave me a giggle but FML lads, get a REAL job!


Aggressive male saying I cut him up on a roundabout. Said had my registration number and knows people to get my info. Asked me to apologise. Said no I don't know who you are. Replied don't make me come to you and make you say sorry.


Rang shouting “where the hell are you”


I had a missed call from this number on my mobile but no message left. Also similar number called me recently, probably the same marketing company? don't wanna call back since I do not know the number - it could be just a robocaller testing if my number is


Prank call app


Called at 01.19 saying my food was outside waiting to be picked up


very upset about this hoax caller using a London number


If this happens to you, if its Tyrone calling cause you slept with his booboo, or overdue books on flatulence.someone you know has used your number in a prank.tell em to suck there mom that's what I did. Haha


Called me saying that he just moved down the street and came from Germany and inviting me for dinner. Total prank call. Suggest to everyone not to pick up when seeing this number on the phone.


Bloody rude indian saying I ordered food so many times and did not pick up and he will passed my details to the police!!


This is caller is OwnagePranks or using the app


Never answer but keeps constantly calling me even when it’s late at night


Same as most above - said I had a takeaway... the number they called was my work which is a restaurant... we’ve got food here ????


Same as last comment, accusing me of having affair with her man, asking where did we go?


They called, saying they was German who was new to the area and wanting a pillow fight! Although it`s a odd request, I have no idea how they got my number and the voice was so fake they might aswell just give up or try way better next time.


Twice! At 23:00!First time:American accent- talked about our delivery has been wrongly sent to his address, and trying to ask me money for getting it back!Second time: Indian accent- complain about our take away food is not delivered in time!!I asked him h


Some Indian man calling for me to pick up the food order. I advised I hadn’t ordered food and he told me to stop wasting his time. I hung up on him as he was very aggressive


Picked up after a phone call with an ex and it was an American woman telling me to stop stealing her man and stop lying about it sounded very automated but still creepy as fuck


trying to sell washing machines

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Dangerous ratings


Scam prize draw


automated system about debt


Text claiming I have won £650.000.00 from a lottery winner. Clearly a scam.


Same company different number to previous call


i think its used to find out what time your at home for telephone sales teams to target the best time to call you needs to be blocked


Answered but they hung up


Got the same in Denmark


Rang me several times a day, first few times of answering they hung up, final call claimed to be Halifax, asking to confirm my banking details and address for fraud prevention measures - Blocked


Many calls from this number...get them fined.

Positive ratings


tolent constuction ltd middlesbrough k business services


0370 243 0090


cloud team inc chorley


chippenham accessories and parts auto panels western


0096178815 393


Positive number


Charity and Fundraising Gerry Beldon Independent Fundraiser Whitley Bay Tyne and Wear


sudakai technologies ltd


butchers randells butchers - Pontypool

Annoying ratings


Dubious but checked out okay, unusual way to call using home city area code, scouse lady on the phone, hope I still have my hubcaps on my car


definatly sky,i phoned back.atleast i know what am going to say nxt time they phone.haha


Automated message about (non-existing) debt. SPAM!


I answered then they hung up .blocked and reported


constantly calling, will not leave details on my voicemail about who they are or what they want. They've been hounding me for weeks but I steadfastly refuse to pick up their call, based on what the other people on this site are saying! Marked this as an


Scam call! Asked about details of a non fault accident my daughter had!


TV Licensing office.


They told me i had entered a compettition for a holiday, when i said i don't ever enter competitions they changed it to i had applied as a mystery shopper WTF


Scammers pretending to be from The World Web Server claiming they have seen problems on your computer and want you to download and install remote software that enables them to have control of your machine. Makes a change from Microsoft calling!

Neutral ratings


sales promotion consultants m r leisure promotions cannock


accountants mccabe & co. Ormskirk lancashire


This is a company who claim to be called Imperial options and based in London. If you ask for their number and call them back there is only ever an answerphone, never anyone the...


No caller ID, number not known, no message left. Number now blocked.


To “over 65”:- You did the right thing by blocking this number - it’s 12 digits long, and therefore not valid in the UK. So it will be scammers who are “spoofing” it [using it f...


gas companies bottle gas & welding supplies chorley lancashire

2890305153 after business


saying name is dave, makin out call was for joel. but obviously knows who i am.. saying sorry you may be a marrried woman... ahhh so you do know who i am then....Possibly someone from cardiff or penarth.


I also received a text message saying I have to ring about my debenhams never had this before either so I am not going to call

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