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Phone number: 02031621386

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Average rating (1-10) 4
Number of comments 21
First date of search 2018-07-08 21:45:22
Last search 2020-02-22 10:47:16
Number of searches 716
Number of reviews 21
Country United Kingdom
Country code +44 (0044)
City London
Directional local 20 (020)
Code 4420 (004420)
Longitude | Latitude 51.5008116 | -0.1208012
City population 8567000
Remarks This number is neutral.

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Unanswered call to my mobile, will block based on comments here, thanks!


I just did not answer it otherewise i would have told them to go where the sun doesnt shine


Customer service questionnaire for some company I barely recognised so I made my excuses and hung up.


Called 201217 @ 3:52pm. Ansaphone kicked in but no message left.


I have notified cooperative bank they have no knowledge of this PWC and passed onto fraud


Man with irish accent asking some questions about my use of a computer and how knowledgeable I am. But the first thing he said was about an appeal I made last year with HM courts and tribunal appeals which was a genuine thing that was relevant to me. I thought it was genuine as he knew about this, but I will do some more research now and check.


26th March 2018 - 17:30 :Claimed to be calling on behalf of someone for a questionnaire, my mother answered and was on phone for 2:30minutes then I went on phone and explained I'm autistic and explain to the Irish lass that how wrong she is and that my time isn't getting wasted hers is as for some on the spectrum perceive time differently to a normal person and I also do like to debate why I'm ALWAYs right [main insult I get is just because your always right doesn't mean you have to always tell them your ri


Claimed to be from PWC market research, whoever they are, phoned me on both my mobile and landline.Caller refused to tell me what company they were doing research for unless I confirmed my personal details. Put phone down and blocked future calls


Thanks for heads up guys, missed a call but i am with that bank, so wont be answering unless i feel like giving them the run around! cheers!


Took a call from an Irish accented lady claiming to be from (PWC) Price Waterman cooper who have been commissioned by Co-operative Bank to conduct a customer satisfaction survey. I told her I was not aware of any agreement between Smile Bank (Co-op) and PWC so refused to talk to her and rung off. When I contacted Smile Bank via secure message the same day they confirmed that they had NOT commissioned anyone to conduct a customer satisfaction survey on their behalf. BEWARE Its either a scam or a back door sa


Lady called on my landline regarding market research when I told her I wasn't interested I hung up. More or less immediately the same number called my mobile. Both numbers are registered with telephone preference service. Why do these people ignore our choices!


Man wanted to speak to my wife to ask her to answer a long questionnaire. I said she was at work and when he asked whether he could call again in the evening I said she would not be back till late and I could not agree to that.


A guy with an Irish accent, claiming to be with PWC Research said they were contracted by the Cooperative Bank to do a customer satisfaction survey. i do bank with them but it seemed suspicious so I said I would not do it without checking with my bank first. I might phone my bank to report it.


Lady called 12.46pm said she was doing research for PW and asked for me by name. I replied I wasn't interested in her research and hung up.


Claimed to be from the co-op bank and wanted me to do a survey as a valued customer. Told the lady I was busy and hung up.


Coop Survey = phishing scam ? Intrusive questions - hang up 02031621386


Claimed to be PWC doing market research for co-op bank account... Seemed a bit strange so I asked how he knew my name and got my number - then repeated himself. I said I was confortable talking to a random market research company. Just looked up the number and found this. Bloody hell - stupid harrassing calls. Blocked and reported to Co-op


PWC research, call everyday for my husband, getting really fed up now, as soon as they said PWC research today I just said he's not here can you stop calling please!!


I had a call from PWC from 02031 621386, doing research for Britannia. I made an excuse and hung up.


Said they were doing a survey for the Cooperative Bank, I told him that I do not discuss banking on the telephone Avoid SCAM.


020 3162 1386

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Calling me in the middle of the night saying your a criminal and you escaped from our prison in Scotland


dont answer


Microsoft scam


This number has called several times today it’s an automated caller with American voice. Saying internet will be switched off . Just hung up . I wish someone could do something to stop these scammers.




life insurance policy call,pre recorded message




Seems to be used for some telemarketing call center - this range of numbers 7098710xxx (common feature, they use more numbers of the same range) is mostly reported with silent calls/testing robocalls, PPI - insurance marketing calls and energy companies of


FUNNY - i DON;T HAVE ACCOUNT WITH BANK OF SCOTLAND.. so why should this number phone me? Something fishy here reckon those who do have accounts need to check deeper


Email them at [email protected] stating your mobile number and STOP. There is a 14 day notice of cancellation period on their T&C's. To say I'm fuming is an understatement!!

Positive ratings


brockham village hall club halls betchworth rh3 7jr


not acceptable manchester england


michael anthony ltd ashbourne derbyshire


internet services midas interactive ltd bournemouth dorset


Incomeming namber


salesout ltd bicester k business services


do district accessible transport


carte luxury london


Positive number

Annoying ratings


Did not answer


medical locum agency


Pain in the backside ringing several times a day but lots of variations of this number. No idea who they are, probably a low life company


called today at lunchtime, Silent call. I hung up and blocked the number


I had a suspicion the person was a scammer, so wanted to verify other experiences


Typing STOP does not work. It only confirms you exist I think. £18 has been charged even after STOP.


Someone called whilst we were out no message left.


Unknown caller from Tunisia - left recorded message on message bank "this is a priority call, please do not hang-up". Scammers, do not answer or call back.


mins later called again & hung up again. One those ****!!!!!! - you decide????


The university of Southampton could be any internal number. also could be fundraising.

Neutral ratings


I'll block this number straight away to avoid problems in the future .


Sir I receive call from 02945151700 since last 2 weeks but no body answer only hold the phone every times


property developers morbaine ltd. Widnes cheshire


Doctors general practitioners medical centre


We're selling a motorhome on caravansforsale. I received a text asking if my "caravan" was still for sale, and to get back to him as soon as possible. Being suspicious, I Googled the calling number and ended up here. I see that the caller has mentioned several email addresses, but this one wasn't one of the ones listed here. For the record it was [email protected] The text was prefixed "pmacni:" I don't think I'll reply. I suspect that the intention is to get me to reveal my email address, so that he c


Reason ther is so meny sercher's this number'its my self .a male''0k your english or uk perv's ..sat ? 12th.may.!


Aviva car insurance renewals


chemical pesticides organic intermediates ltd. Liverpool merseyside


chemists and pharmacists duncans chemist bromley

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