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Phone number: 02030510987

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Phone number security level
Average rating (1-10) 2
Number of comments 30
First date of search 2018-05-14 23:13:24
Last search 2020-02-22 10:19:42
Number of searches 984
Number of reviews 30
Country United Kingdom
Country code +44 (0044)
City London
Directional local 20 (020)
Code 4420 (004420)
Longitude | Latitude 51.5008116 | -0.1208012
City population 8567000
Remarks Warning, this number can be dangerous.

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Prerecording to say it was a final warning about a law suit (not even English usage!) with UK HMRC.


Asked if I was computer owner.Foreign accent I could barely understand.Something like Chinese or Asian accent.Female.When I was asked if I was the computer owner I cut the call.


Said he was calling about a government backed scheme for which I could pay to stop marketing calls. He took some while to get around to the paying bit thus wasting his own time. Never give card details to an unsolicited caller.


a lady rang, sounded very genuine claiming she would be able to fix corrupted files on pc. her name was 'kate'


phone claiming problem with computer. Insisted it was a legal requirement. this is fraudulent. Very distressing to my disabled sister.


"Call prevention service" ha ha total scam - same as others - foreign accent - when I mentioned genuine TPS she hung up


Caller said they were from the Call Prevention Service working in conjunction with the TPS and the UK Government. They wanted to put my number on a secure list. Caller Nivea Brown encouraged me to give their customer service dept a call on 0203 051 0987 an


Scam call , foreign bloke, said he was from a government backed service and could make all my problems with scam calls go away. Played the game with him, not giving any details away. The best thing was it was obvious it was a scam, literally no voices in b


Scam call. Trying to getting Financial information from you to allegedly stop nuisance calls/marketing calls and all the time it's a scam!


This person of Indian origin claimed to be working on behalf of the Telephone Preference Service and asked if I was interested in Blocking unwanted international calls. I played along but am always wary of Indian accents. The caller seemed to suggest th


Rang in and connected from another line, English was not there first language and tried to tell me that this market research would really benefit me, when I said it would not, they got flustered and then I asked them to not call again (they will).


A man called on landline number calling himself Ron Wilson from Web Ocean to fix corrupted files and access computer and hacked files.Don't let anyone to access your PC.


Definition of this call: When a 99 year old is trying with difficulty to get to answer the phone only to be greeted by silence at the other end.


This number rings me at least 5 times a day never answer it and they never leave a message on answer phone.


Got a blocked call from this number yesterday. I always check on here to see what is. Hurray for Call Guardian from BT. The phone cost £40 but was definitely worth it.


They said they were from CPS and I thanks to them I would never get a nuisance call ever again!! Spoke to them for a bit, played the game. In the meantime I had googled the number and came across these ratings. By then I had been transferred to the supervi


Caller claims to be from the "computer maintenance"


Wanted bank card expiry date which I refused to give. Sadly, gave them my email address as they were going to send details re blocking nuisance calls.


Unsolicited call claiming to be working on behalf of a government backed agency working with 'The Telephone Preference Service'. Caller was called 'Dave' and had a very strong Indian accent, he didn't understand me referring to Telephone Preference Service


Definitely a scam, phone rang and displayed as unavailable which I don't normally answer, but not busy so decided I would, lady the other end with a slight foreign accent saying she was from a government backed scheme to block nuisance calls, iro


Got a call allegedly from this number. He asked if I had received any nuisance or annoying calls. He said that we're working with TPS. I asked for a number on which I could contact them - he gave me 020 3051 0987. And he also gave me a website www.callpuri


Scam call from Indian chap unusually named Bruce Johnson. Wanted personal details which I wouldn't give. I asked for number to call him back and he was reluctant because then I wouldn't get back to him personally. I told him that a genuine representative o


Same as person below. Silence then after approx 20minutes got a goodbye and phone went dead.


Request for first 12 digits on card used to pay phone bill so they can give pensioner discount . Indian accent , no further interest to me .


I've just been called regarding nuisance call. I was asked to confirm name, address, postcode etc. which I did but then asked for a number and name of company so I could check it out as I was in a hurry. I 1471 and the number came up as 003097. Should


called, silence, got 'goodbye' at end of call after 20 seconds of silence then line cut


I have had five calls today from this number firstly the reception was terrible, then I received 3 silent calls the last one they said they were a company called CPS who work alongside the TPS to block marketing calls BUT the best bit was they needed me to


This company originally called me many times to say that there was a problem with my Talk Talk router (Im with Sky). They have now called me again to say that I am getting nuisance calls about my Talk Talk router which they can block for me for a price!


Claimed to be government backed Call Prevention Service but am concerned that they had my bank card details and asked for clarification of expiry date which I absolutely refused and ceased the call. SCAM do not respond.


Have fun and play with them. These are the rules. You play along with them, not confirming anything or gifting them information. You take up as much time as possible. You only win the game if you get them to say 'You are wasting my time' and you reply 'No,

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Im from Poland.Called at 22:45


Caller claimed that my mobile account was due for an upgrade (untrue, when I later checked with Vodafone) and that my current handset (iPhone 5S) was no longer suppored by Apple (also untrue). After describing the deal he could give me, the caller finished


Scam for a competition to win £50k which I didn't enter. Rang up three to query the charge and they put a £5 credit on my account. Fair play to Three for doing this. They also advised sending a text with STOP to this number.


gas/electric sales




This girl has been ringing me all week on this and different numbers but says she is Talktalk technical dept. Usual story about router problems or with computer. Tried different ways to stop call including informing Talktalk. In one call I was asked how I


Young foreign woman said she was from BT. Trouble with my internet apparently. Told her l don’t have internet and she hung up. I had a missed call from this number a few days ago. Have blocked the number


energy company about smart metres never take no for an answer!


Bob from BT told me Internet was getting disconnected for 15days within next 24 hours unless I go on their website and book in for someone to come to my house to test the connection.Thanks but no thanks Bob



Positive ratings


Three customer service


bsmart halesowen west midlands


a cute and intellectual woman on the other end


joanne pulizzi stoke-on-trent staffordshire


poppy moon cambridge cambridgeshire


mencari pemilik nomor


Positive number


Positive number


c i d s


After receiving a call that went onto my messages, have rung Sainsbury to check and they contacted the Fraud team who confirmed that they had contacted me through an automated call so this is a genuine e number.

Annoying ratings


Fusion Cover insurance sales call.


Irish man shouting down the phone saying I stole his wifi, laughed at him then hung up.




Telemarketeer unsolicited call


ubespieczenia na zycie


o2 calling to see if they can do anything for me


Female called about my account. Then she hung up. I took my ID off, phoned her number and it went to vodafone voicemail.


dearuyiuererw eiueworiworiewrwe xxxPaul


ovo energy

Neutral ratings


Travel Agents Lunn Poly Ltd. Epping


Claimed to be calling from India on behalf of a British company (Hybrid or Fire-something?) conducting market research. Seemed to know name and address of household. Caller wa...


Accountants Raffingers Technology Ltd. Woodford Green


piyush meghani


This was a strange one.... I missed the call but the voicemail that was left sounded like a recording being played back, it was a woman's voice but it was entirely in Chinese so I have no idea what the call was about or what they wanted, but as I wasn't expecting a call from China I can only assume they wanted me to part with some money in one way or another. I'm shocked that no-one else has been called by this number.... Yet!


I have received numerous texts from this number stating that it is from a college in my home town. I need to know if this is an authentic college number as it could be related to a family member. thank you.


This number called me and it turned out to be Southampton Audi arranging an MOT. It was odd that it showed up as as a Portsmouth area code though, maybe they use a call center now.


Local Government Pintails Sheltered Housing Basildon


didnt say anything, then hung up

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