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Phone number: 01728475434

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Phone number security level
Average rating (1-10) 2
Number of comments 21
First date of search 2018-06-04 15:32:30
Last search 2020-10-19 23:42:02
Number of searches 188
Number of reviews 21
Country United Kingdom
Country code +44 (0044)
City Saxmundham
Directional local 1728 (01728)
Code 441728 (00441728)
Longitude | Latitude 52.2167000 | 1.5000000
Remarks Warning, this number can be dangerous.

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Claiming to be from BT


number 01728475434 I received a call from this number today and again the male was persistent and said he was from BT and that there was an issue with my broadband. I told him I was ending the call and did not believe who he said he was and he then had the cheek to call me back from 2 different numbers and Just ignored the calls.


Asian man then a Asian woman from BT to say internet would be cut off. I said they were being monitored and they cut off.


Scammer, called 2 days in a row. First a voice recording, second an Asian sounding man, strong accent, apparently from BT. He asked me if I was aware that our internet would be cut off for 10 days, I said, thanks for letting us know, he laughed, as he clearly knew he fudged up, I promptly hung up. Clear SCAM, be careful.


female voice from BT!!!!!!!! Scammer


Silent caller......... time and time again!


Claiming to be from BT. SCAMMER.


think it was a male, allegedly from BT saying going to disconnect my internet for a few days.


As I did not recognise the number, I did not answer. It went on to Answerphone but did not leave a message. It happened again three hours later. I have now barred the number (I hope).


Person called which had an international prefix on 01728475434, no one spoke. Probably a scam call as the comments show.


Asian female allegedly calling from BT, my internet would be cut off in 3 days due to hackers looking at my account, when I questioned her a bit about what had happened she hung up, most annoyed I like to keep them on the line for much longer.


Pretending to be from BT, warning I had been hacked and wanting to have access to my computer.


Female Asian voice telling me she's from BT and they are going to disconnect my internet for 10 days. Told her she was trying con me and to go away!


Called but no one there. Has called half a dozen times.


Have had two calls from this number today, not answered & no message left. Seems like a scam number


Call to landline. "Annie" an Asian woman said they were from BT and that I have had problems with my internet connection. I didn't say anything, just put the phone down. I'm not with BT. I've had 2 other similar calls like the above this week but from different reputable looking landline type numbers. I block each one when I realise they're spam.


This time the caller was human and said that he was from "Call Blocking". Presumably the idea is that I sign up to this "service" and hand over my bank details for payment. Clearly a scam.


Female American voice advising that my Internet had been hacked in 6 different countries over the previous 3 days and that it would be disconnected in 24 hours via BT... hmm bit weird that, I'm not with BT........ Scamming gits.


Caller from 01728475434 said, with a strong Asian accent, that his name was Mark Williams, (which happens to be the name of a friend of mine ), from BT. As I am not with BT I put the phone down.


ANY call about your computer, broadband, router, viruses, hacked IP address, your phone line or broadband being disconnected, discounts, etc., will ALWAYS BE A SCAM. Block the n...


Asian woman called the office today saying from BT and our internet would be cut off in 2 days, when she intimated this was a household, I said we were a business and she hung up - scam

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this numbet again...


Loft insulation




credit repair




missed the call no message left but reading other comments have know blocked it.


Supposed to be what’s app saying I’ve requested to transfer my number to another device and the change will be made in 24 hours and if I did not make request phone this number . A premium rate number which could cost £££...think it’s a scam


Kept ringing, no message, final time someone laughing then hung up


Yet another wasteful call from an agency. Unless I know the number or the caller has the courtesy and decency to leave a message it is added to my list of "Pestilential" Numbers

Positive ratings


Positive number


john g murphy chesham f construction


I did not believe this was a genuine call as the indian man had an english sounding name. I took his details the where he was from. I then rang HSBC myself. they confirmed it was a genuine call and they did have a query about an unusual payment (which was fine).


taifun uragan london greater london


mail order shopping salsa pa'ti ltd (London)


employment agencies and consultants humana international (putney) ltd t/a mri worldwide (London)


Furniture Trade company, Birstall


ben eddie pudsey west yorkshire


mfa/como drills deal


whitlock & son ltd. General stores retail east grinstead rh19 4ns

Annoying ratings


Scam caller pretending to be your bank.


unsure on this. calls then ends before I answer. I'm guessing a crafty sales call using what looks like a mobile number. no messages left


Ee service


Clearly SPAM.


I just had this number call me, had this once before said he was from b.t. About my broadband been hacked. I told him he was bogus and he started yelling abuse at me Asian sounding man scam harassing


This number is a green line, probably for some company as a client's service number where the call is paid by the company itself. Haven't found which company owns this number, has anyone seen it before?


Caller put phone down when I asked them questions - suspicious?


BT??? i do not have a bt account thay say that thay supply all companies with internet A BIG SCAM IBELEVE!


Have several numbers like this phoning me all beginning with 07403 very annoying


This number rang my mobile at 10.03am today. Did not answer as I was busy and also did not know the caller. Just like others, I never return calls to numbers I do not know. I believe this is not the first time I have this number come up as it looked familiar.

Neutral ratings


I got a call from call number 028 504 but I could not call back as the other digits were hidden. please help me trackt the caller


Steps 2 Wellbeing Southampton


general stores - retail baldwins cranbrook


Kitchen and Table Goods G - E Cooker Centre Leigh On Sea


banks clydesdale bank plc


electrical engineers and contractors w b electrical services stoke-on-trent


Marine services asco marine & underwater services ltd


breakers and dismantlers r s t spares bilston


Called a few minutes ago but hung up as soon as I answered. I have blocked the number.


domestic cleaning services domestic bliss homecare

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