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Phone number: 01614794956

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First date of search 2020-10-15 22:52:49
Last search 2020-10-22 21:31:49
Number of searches 1
Number of reviews 0
Country United Kingdom
Country code +44 (0044)
City Manchester
Directional local 161 (0161)
Code 44161 (0044161)
Longitude | Latitude 53.4784730 | -2.2432877
City population 2230000
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Received this scam inheritance letter from john stewart CIBC bank with this contact number . Makes me so angry that these scum have my name and address . Others may respond BEWARE


Scam said he was from virgin media saying our TiVo box ends in 7 days wanted bank account number and sort code. Which we never gave him.


Re the green comment just below (from his bestest mate it would seem - not!) Funniest comment I have read in a long time. It just confirms you are a scammer - why else would you or any other contented customers be on here? You mug.It is so obvious.


Education workforce council

Positive ratings


delta environmental coventry manufacture of machinery and equipment nec


express transport services road haulage antrim county antrim


Private number

Annoying ratings


Not known at all


having reported a fault on my mothers line and told talktalk not to call her as she is getting upset but to use my mobile - they then proceeded to call her twice in quick succession - this is completely unacceptable and stressing my yr old mother out.


John called from the 'Credit Investigation Department' of the 'Office for Fair Trading' "based in London" He got my name correct and told me that my name and number had been forwarded to them as 'Legal Records' show "Outstanding Debts". I told him i didn't have time for his announcement and put the phone down.


Every month or two I get a bunch of calls from 0345 351 1498. It's a pre-recorded voice announcing that it is a call for Mr Peter Micheals about suspicious credit card use. They're from lloyds Bank. It's been happening for about three years now. A year or so back I called Lloyds, asked them to investigate but they said they could only speak to Mr Peter Micheals. I pointed out he doesn't live here, has never lived here. Obviously fell on deaf ears as the calls began again this morning at 8am. I now use Bt Ca

Neutral ratings


Fishing and Angling Equipments Mainline Angling Products Ltd. Rainham


livestock and others e g butcher & sons maidstone


Who called


language schools chase language academy wolverhampton

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