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Woman with Asian accent phoned me 17-5-2018 at 10.20.Claimed to be from BT. I told her I didn't believe her and never to ring my number again. She rang again at 1.56 and left incomprehensible rubbish on answerphone.


Called two hours ago but let it ring and go to ansafone. Didn't leave a message! Surprise, surprise! Now blocked.


Rang around 3pm. As soon as I answered I could hear the burble of what appeared to be a long distance call centre, so I decided to just listen and not speak. A woman with a foreign accent repeatedly said "Hello", but I didn't answer and let her go on until she hung up. I realised it was these damned scammers again. Wish they would just buzz off.


This number called today Indian lady said she was from Bt and i had something wrong with my internet. Told her not to try and scam me and she hung up.


Calling my telephone number regularly at approximately 13:04 hrs, especially maddening when I am expecting important legitimate call at this time.


2nd or 3rd time, still silent....pity as I wanted to tell them to rearrange certain letters into a well known phrase or saying....too late now as I've blocked them.


Indian lady, call centre, said she was from BT - hung up


Second time this number has called me pretending to be from BT have now barred the number


I have been called several times and each time an Indian woman has started to say she is from BT and havve trouble with internet. Very noisey background noise difficult to hear. This is a scam again!!!!


Another spoof call that’s three today


An Indian Lady called, purporting to be from BT Technical Department, to inform me that my Broadband had been compromised by malware and that my connection would be running slow. I did not believe her and hung up.


Answered phone after a couple of rings, it immediately cut off. If they think I am going to ring them back on their obviously premium rate number then they can whistle Dixie. Please people, don't ring these long numbers back if you get them from 1471 - it is all a big scam.


Unknown number to me so did not answer, number now blocked.


My voice echoed on answering call - very noisy in background. Call dropped after I said hello for the second time.


An Asian accent female telling me I had a problem with my computer I told her she was being monitored by the dit and her call was being traced as we speak.She immediately hung up


Female with Indian accent called and told me she was from BT and my "internet was not secure". BT is not my ISP so hung up.


silent call


Had a call 5mins ago along with same number call 3weeks ago .both saying my internet was showing a problem . Female indian today and 3weeks ago a male indian . Bt is not my provider


The caller said she was from bt and it was about my internet I have no business with bt everything I have is with another provider .told her to get my landline number off there calling list and dont call me again I believe this was a scam call


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Con merchants Accident chasers


wants to get a new phone


PLEASE DO NOT TALK TO THIS NUMBER!! They claimed to be from BT's broadband service and this is not correct (as confirmed by the actual BT customer service). My middle aged mother with a history in IT fell for this scam. Please don't do the same


Charged £5 for receiving a text I don't remember receiving!


No one there.


ignore do not anwser


Called me 3 times today. I live in the Netherlands. First time I answered and they told me they were from Microsoft. I hang up immediately. Didn't pick up the other two times they called.

Positive ratings


agrimetrics ltd harpenden


travel agents golden sun holidays ltd (London)


quietstorm coalville leicestershire




gareth simmonds chesterfield xx


libby smith ltd manchester manchester




Private number

Annoying ratings


Constant nuisamce calls. I not longer answer these calls as I do not recognise the number but they still keep on pestering me!


Hangs up instantly.


Yeah had this text and replied in an email asking who this was! Got fed a pack of crap about how they had won the Euro millions and how they all help fire fighters and poor people! Blah blah blah! Wouldn’t bother


Some sort of gay dating website looking for members. Not interested. Blocked.


left no message. Hung up as soon as the answering machine kicked in ,,,Blocked


some kind of rates advice scam, wanted my info


Second this morning, 'Maria' from BT, must have known about earlier call because she rang off immediately when I said 'just stop this now'. The number differs every time and there is a limit to how many calls I can block. '00' numbers are a recent thing and a great many different people involved. Because I receive so many calls I now think this is harassment. Otherwise, why would they continue to try and hack/scam the same number? Its a waste of their time and money.


Keeps calling me, but never says anything. Text to ask who it is and no reply.


As above, received a call from 07537121044 on 5th January 2018, saying that they were from HRMC and were filing a case against me, female voice, automated 1 then the line went dead.

Neutral ratings


Called and hung up


auto dealers smith knight fay bolton lancashire


fish and chips alder fryer manchester manchester


ID as Gareth then said Eco something then spiel about saving me money. Then asked my age range. Call abruptly stopped when I (absent mindedly) statred my age.


Who does this number belong to


This number has rang me sayin they are Natwest fraud team but had my name wrong and on correction they stuttered and hung up. Prior to this call they rang me and told me someone had spent over £1000 pounds in pc world the other end of the country within the last two hours!! Have not called back after they hung up. Xx


Hello I didn't know the service existed


pubs, bars and inns yeo vale inn crediton


mot testing total motor care sandwich

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