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Phone number: 01346541409

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Phone number security level
Average rating (1-10) 7
Number of comments 1
First date of search 2018-06-26 15:34:17
Last search 2020-06-03 13:17:34
Number of searches 15
Number of reviews 1
Country United Kingdom
Country code +44 (0044)
City Fraserburgh
Directional local 1346 (01346)
Code 441346 (00441346)
Longitude | Latitude 57.6833000 | -2.0167000
Remarks This number is neutral.

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mixed crops d w & r dillon

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Number of comments : 2339132
Positive ratings : 1236128
Neutral ratings : 622841
Annoying ratings : 97608
Dangerous ratings : 382555

Dangerous ratings


I was sent an SMS & told they were changing my number to a new device. They claimed to be What's App . But I have had my phone for 3 years . I have contacted what's app to see if it is from them. I am not ringing the number !!! Thanks for your message. The message you received is a hoax from an unauthorized third party and did not come from WhatsApp. Please disregard any messages you may have received and do not further share them with your contacts. If you have any more questions, please read this FAQ arti


nothing there


Missed calls from this number 2 Mondays in a row. When I called back an automated message states they are a company called R K Legal calling about a car accident. Says they will call back another time unless you press 9. I didn't do this as I was worried t


Probably not ok.

Positive ratings


crathes castle banchory u unknown


s k sales thame manufacture of machinery and equipment nec


Private number


mountain house private residential home nursing homes newry county down

Annoying ratings


Claims chasing company ! Accident claim


Caller assumed I had been involved in a car accident.


DOesn't seem to be a valid UK number, who is it? Similar number called me this week, probably the same cal centre, no idea who is behind?


keeps calling everyday at the same time.

Neutral ratings


carpenters and joiners a b s


On Whats App, have been called on 0902394 2159, trcked into ringing said number, automated msg threatening all calls to be diverted to a different device within 24 hrs if number isnt called asap. Scam?


motor cycling instruction c s m rider training tunbridge wells


If any one of you lovely people have give your phone number to the NSPCC. That's where these scams artists got your phone number. Ironic really.

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